Who else thinks Econ is a pain in the axx?

I’m going through Econ right now. It took me longer time than other sessions,e.g. FRA, Equity…Not sure if it worth taking that much time just for a smaller part like that.

Quant has been difficult enough. Thought the most annoying part is done but econ is more annoying…

I still have derivatives, PM and ethics to review. Running out of time…It is depressing…

Derivatives & PM shouln’t take you to much time. Hang in there - we are all in the same boat and being stressed is a feeling we all feel. Relax, collect your thoughts, and get back to studying.

Thanks for cheering me up whatsyourgovt. It’s almost May and I even haven’t finished the 1st review. Feeling I’m loosing it…Oh well, get back to study…

when did you start?

I started in September, but didn’t study in Nov, Dec and then picked up in Jan till now. I was doing CFAI books for equity, FRA, FI, Corp Finance, then replying on Finquiz notes for Quant and Econ, still have Derivatives and PM to go…

I am frustrated with Econ now. Plan to finish 1st review by May but now I’m really worried if I can…I have an almost one year old baby and a full time job…

You have a pretty full plate, infants ain’t easy. PM and Derivatives go fast (2 big readings (options and portfolio concepts)) and the rest are short. Dive into solving problems when your done, it’s a great way to put it all together and see where your lacking most. I’m pullin for ya, man!

alternate word of advice: teach the kid to support itself a little early!

Indeed my friend, it sure is…but if it makes you feel any better, I’m right there with you! Somehow lost track of time and now feel like I need to come up w/a new strategy to finish on time!

Draw a line in a sand for when you are going to stop reviewing and start practicing (QBank or Mocks). Based on how you score, focus your review on those points. My deadline is end of this weekend. I could do more review but I think now I just need to identify weaknesses and spend time tightening those areas rather than keep reviewing in general.

Thank you guys for all the great words and advice!

Your support does make me feel a lot better, especially when frustrated with studying!

CleverCFA, you are in a pretty good shape since you are doing 2nd review. I even haven’t fnished the 1st pass yet…

I plan to finish everything by the end of April. Definately need to start practicing when May begins!

Agreed. Just keep hoping/wishing/thinking that if I spent a little more time reviewing the concepts, I’ll recall better on the ?'s and score better rather than blankly stare, randomly guess & be depressed/demotivated.

I’m in the same boat…taking me much longer going through Econ than expected.

I have to finish Econ and cover PM and Ethics.

For those of you who have started reviewing/doing mock questions etc. how are you finding your retention of material?

Also, for someone just about to finish first review of material, would you recommend reviewing notes again or diving straight into questions?

I have been studying material since November…going through FinQuiz notes and CFA curriculum and making my own notes…doing the BB’s as I went along and also EOC questions and FinQuiz itemset questions at the end of each reading. So I have done questions already but I am wondering is it better to review all the notes I made and then do mocks/more questions or just do questions??

Thanks for any thoughts. appreciate it…this forum is great help!

I am in the same boat as you. I have taken one Economics class in my life and it was 4 days long.

I found it difficult to get my head around much of the intuition of level 1 Econ given the time I had budgeted for it. I ended up deciding it wasn’t worth the time it would take to nail the subject and gave up on it after reading the curriculum once and somehow scored in the 50-70 range on the exam.

I don’t find level 2 quite as bad and the crossover with derivatives is nice, but it is still my worst subject and I am saving it for last on my second pass through the material.