who else?

the worse. can’t sleep and I’m exhausted. need a full brain day tomorrow! i’m on east coast time it’s 2:50 am. Anyone else? meanwhile I’m hitting ethics/gips on qbank…the zzzz’s should kick in soon. I hope…

insomnia is terrible. Try getting more exercise, the time lost from studying will be made up by the fact that you’re sharper and sleeping better.

I am the opposite. I was sleeping average 6-7 hours past days, yesternight I ended up sleeping 12 hours :-/ Felt really guilty but then convinced myself that my body has totally recovered from exhaustion, now I will be able to study better.

The movies _2001: A Space Odyssey_ and _Lost In Translation_ are great insomnia remedies. If you can stay wide awake through either of these movies, then maybe you don’t actually need sleep like the rest of us.