who Failed LII mock but past Real test??

just curious…

if you took L2 last year and didnt pass the mock, pretty sure you weren’t passing the real thing…

well, im reading a bunch of posts of those who did pass the mock but failed the test ultimately…

i was gonna post something similar cfalover - agree completely use the various tests and EOCs as learning tools people. its too late to lose sleep over 65% vs. 90% correct.

I got a 60 on the Mock exam for Level 2 and passed the real thing.

I failed the mock and passed.

cool, when did you guys take the mock? i mean if you took it in january then it doesn’t count :slight_smile:

When I took the level 3 samples on test trac the other day I saw all of my old scores for L1 and L2 mock/samples. I have yet to “pass” a CFAI mock or a sample yet passed L1 and L2 first attempt. Alot of learning happens this last week. As long as your hitting 55%+ you are on track.

I took the real LIII exam last year and past it, yet here I am sitting for it again.

Oh come on, nobody caught my “past” “passed” joke? You people are all becoming weak, letting an LII candidate post on the LIII forum with a mistake like that in the title. Pathetic.

haha. Studying too much is letting us weak. BTW, what was your score last year in Mock 2009 and how did you do in the AM. Is it possible for you to post your last year’s score?

I honestly didn’t do the mock last year. Did well in the AM IPS (over 70 in both individual and institutional), not well in alt, equity, risk.

hahah I got it… but i was too busy freaking out about how little I apparently know about Interest Rate Options and forgot to give it a “hhaha +1” So here you go: hhaha +1 :slight_smile:

yeah sponge my bad, i new (knew) i wrote past (passed) as soon as i posted it…i got no defense…and yes apologies for posting on a level 3 forum as a worthless level 2 candidate.