Who follows GIPS

GIPS seem to be a lot of paperwork, with not much benefit… firms are already burdened with SOX paperwork, and wonder who would voluntarily opt for being GIPS compliant are you aware of GIPS compliant firms ?

No, this is the kind of material we should immediately forget after the last exam…

my firm is gips compliant.

Obviously, GIPS knowledge is only applicable for people in asset management or their consultants. Clients do care about GIPS (and occassionally other CFAI policies) and it’s showing up more frequently in RFP questions. BTW - my firm is gips compliant as well.

on the consultant end, I can’t think of an asset manager we’ve considered who isn’t GIPS compliant. I don’t think I’ve even come across an RFP where the managers says they aren’t compliant except for a few alternative managers.

^ agree with no_slogan