Who HAS NOT started studying?


me, I haven’t had time yet



me, no sense in burning out by March

Me… sorta. This is my second time around… I casually read through the econ stuff this past weekend…

yet to start… :frowning:

I started reading the Schweser Ethics readings each night in bed before going to sleep. So far it’s done a great job at me falling asleep quickly. I’m sure Quant and Econ will do the same trick. m

mep_cfa’10 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > So far it’s done a great job at me falling asleep > quickly. haha +1

Already started.

I was a band 8 last year. I’m postponing the inevitable torture for as long as possible.

Will start in January 2011… I am in South Beach Miami sipping a nice cocktail!!


me ! 2nd timer , band 6 , will start in january !

My original plan was to start in November… Turns out my new plan is to start in January! I really have a hard time studying knowing the exam is so far away… I feel as though I’d be alot more productive with a time constraint so I actually do spend the evenings and some weekends studying outside of work. I think the start time is highly dependent on your BACKGROUND… level 2 material is exactly what I studied already in my degree, so I think it’s a waste of time to start so early…I know level 2 exam is going to be tough, however…

Just took the level 1, won’t find out my results until Jan 28th. Figure I will start the readings on Jan 1st under the assumption that I passed.

me! 2nd timer, band 6! It is scaring me that I haven’t started early coz I so dont want to be a 3rd timer. And I can list 100 of super-lame excuses of not studying these days!

me! barely get time due to the job :frowning: