Who has tomorrow off?

I’m so happy to get another full day to study CFA. Will anyone else be logged in studying away too?

I’m also psyched to have tomorrow off… The more I get done tomorrow = the less I have to do during the work week

Yep - got the day off and plan on studying my a$$ off.

I have to work…I hate the time of year. I have to go from Jan 1st all the way through Memorial Day without any days off :(. Best, TheChad

The market is closed and that means I get another good 5-6 hrs to hit the books :slight_smile:

Hell yeah!

Ye ye its gonna be awesome! Hope to put in at least 5-6 hours…

Comm, Tomorrow you need a day off. Feeling any better about the burnout?

Yeah thanks for asking, I went over FI and felt better heh. I think it’s just the accounting. Its so boring.

hate u all…i wanted to finish up ECON today…have work. no ones here…i might just leave early.

hahaha, this is the first year we get a day off in ontario (canada). thanks dalton for “family day”! too bad my cfa books are my family until june :frowning: