Who HASN'T checked results yet?

i haven’t. got locked out due to traffic for the longest time. now i’m just nervous. the level III registration link got me scared. i didn’t see the link but i checked it after everything was fixed. just the fact that i didn’t see it got me startled. anyone else and why?

I haven’t. I like torturing myself.

good luck both of you…

thanks cfaboston. this will be my second attempt. good luck pinkman

I’m in a training class today and don’t want to check my results on my blackberry. I been following this forum all morning tho, and want to congrat everyone who passed. The nervousness has got me shaking uncontrollably. I’m going to check as soon as I get home but not before I take a gulp of JD.

Good Luck to you guys…

So…has everyone checked by now?

yeah i checked and passed. hate to post it on 3 different threads but i guess it’s relevant. i’m happy

Me too! I’m celebrating tonight, by myself and with my 1/3 bottle of JD!

Congrats guys…enjoy the evening.