Who hasn't done the mock yet?

Am I the only one? I’m saving it for Friday.

Me. On the menu for tomorrow morning.

Haven’t done it either. Big item on the agenda for tomorrow. I like to save it to the end.

Amongst Samples 1, 2, 3 and the Mock, it sounds like most people find the Mock the most challenging. I personally have only done Sample 1 and found the Mock to be quite a step up in difficulty. I had to go back and review a few areas after the Mock. Hopefully it doesn’t give you a confidence blow on Friday. Just my opinion, but I would advise doing the Mock sooner than later.

I think im going to pass on the mock… I dont want to blow my confidence right before game day.

I’m doing it tomorrow.

I did the mock first and then the sample – same level of difficulty.

I dunno, I didn’t think the Mock was all that bad, apart from the horrid questions that have been rehashed in this forum. I made some dumb mistakes, but there were also some very simple questions. The sample exams, on the other hand, make me crazy. I HATE scrolling down and seeing that red screen, and the explanations are entirely useless…

doing mock in the morning and the free sample in the afternoon. assuming massive review session afterwards.

I figure if I do the mock tomorrow, the material will stay fresh in my mind for Saturday. Hopefully, I get a confidence boost rather than a blow :slight_smile:

haven’t done it and don’t intend to.

doing mock tomorrow morning and sample later in the day

Did the mock this morning and hit a 65 (after scoring mostly low 70s with Schweser & BSAS). Thought I did better as I was going through it, but I think I’m “ok”…certainly would like to have been in the 70s, but got tripped by many of the things I see others have already posted. Solid on Ethics and GIPS, so I’m hoping that continues through on game day. You guys are nuts saving the mock for the last day…