Who hasn't posted post exam?

Where is the pepp man? KJH?

i read most of Pepps posts and i’m pretty sure he hadn’t slept or eaten in like 3 weeks, so probably still sleeping

strangedays is not appearing either

I think Strange had to travel. He might be on his way back. Didn’t he say he wasn’t going to be around here a few days before the exam?

getterdone is absconding too

Getterdone is still wasted, BOOM! (Isn’t that his motto?)

amberpower Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Getterdone is still wasted, BOOM! (Isn’t that his > motto?) No, I thought it was DAJ___ that used that…

yes daj seems to be absent too

I thought this post was going to be about Amber worrying that people who did horrible may have done something to themselves lol

Hey! I am a Mom, but I only have one kid, not all of you all to worry about! Haha.

I have been lurking since the exam…trying not to read to many of these posts and just wait for the scores to come back…but I did not jump off a bridge. I also saw KJH there, he looked like he had it under control, maybe he is still hungover?!