Who here has taken a sabbatical?

Or known someone who has (if you don’t want to tell your story) what’d you do? How was coming back?

My colleague took a year-long sabbatical to travel the world. This was over two years ago, haven’t seen him since. Last time I checked, he was writing travel blogs in Venezuela and was about to start a company.

I didn’t take a sabbatical but I did take 3 months between jobs to travel. Meet a lot of people doing it. I didn’t find coming back hard but I enjoy work

Actually, a lot of people in finance quit and take a year off to reevaluate their lives. Usually, they are in early 30s when this happens. I’ve seen some mid to late 40s people do it too, but they are usually in a special circumstance, like recently divorced.

Anyway, most of the time, they just come back to a similar job though… because all other options are worse given their experience…

What they do in this time, based on my observation, is just douche around everywhere and be unproductive. The ones who go to business school or something like that are usually in their mid to late 20s.

i have about 50k cash and with unemployment that should last at least a year.

i dont want to quit. but if i get laid off, i wouldnt mind. i think im going to use my 401k to launch an ria business or buy a biz. i have about 160k, with sba i think i can lever to 800k.

i also got 60k in an ira that i want to roll over to a roth.

People here seem to be confusing a sabbatical with taking time off (i.e. being unemployed). A real sabbatical is a company offered benefit. University professors are probably the oldest and best example. Work for seven years and you get a year off (paid and you keep your position) to do whatever so come back refreshed. Google and other tech companies offer sabbaticals. And, I know of a few financial firms that do so as well. Though none for a year. Normally it’s a month long sabbatical.

Quitting your job and backpacking around Europe isn’t taking a sabbatical. That’s being a worldly bum.

Yeah, I’m definitely guilty of misusing that term. Figured it’s interchangeable but it’s not really