Who here uses ValueLine?

Hi All,

I was wondering who here uses ValueLine to supplement their fundamental analysis, and if so, how exactly do you use it?

For the sake of argument, can you please choose a well-known company (say AAPL) and how you might use the data on a ValueLine sheet that you might not ordinarily encounter through your perusal of transcripts or SEC filings?

This would be helpful since I understand some of you do see value in Value Line, but for me I’ve never paid much attention to them when perhaps I should. Thanks.

The great thing about Value Line is they have the balls to show you their forecasts for sales, capital structure, etc. When I was in college, I’d calculate margin of safety’s based on VL numbers and my own forecast. It gave me something to compare my numbers too. I was told by my CFA professor that Value Line is on average more optimistic than reality, according to the research done it.

Specifically for AAPL:

All consolidated data from 1996. Far more convenient than wading through SEC docs.

Analyst opinion - great core holding, issued on 7/6. (Meh, don’t always need to pay attention.)

Financial strength - A++. This is quite reliable.

The “value line” itself (the graph) - AAPL trades at 15x cash flow on an average.

Look at the share dilution on this puppy.

ValueLine is so old school!!! The new thing now is Financial astrology, check it out!

I’m obviously joking but apparently this is real and people are using it!