Who is America?

this guy is a genius


This is grade A McDonalds for low IQ, sanctimonious and self-satisfied, liberal lapdogs using the tried and true method of appealing to their delusional sense of superiority. A genius way to get them to volunteer for misery and conflict. And the sh!tards eat it up and ask for seconds. Exquisite.

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Anybody who has been to a neighborhood community committee meeting should not be surprised by this. For some RE projects I’ve needed to attend, and the people that come are really looking for an argument and are completely asinine. Not the type of people you would run into in the normal course of a day. And this is in a city.

The reaction at that meeting is obvious, but I did find the bit humorous because of its absurdity. Like, how could anyone believe that project is real?


the irony of turd sh*tting on people being appealed to their sense of superiority while he types his verbal diarrhea of every right wing conspiracy theory he can get his hands on

Yayy loooooooves McDonalds. It’s all McDonalds. McDonalds of the soul. He’s loving it!


not a big micky ds guy, do love me some gaffigan though! funny fella

Anybody who grew up in small town America knows that this is how things are there. In small town America, it’s not about what’s reasonable or unreasonable, racist or not; it’s all about what maintains the entrenched social order. Anyone saying otherwise lives in a bubble!!!

Holy shit LOL

CNN just called Borat an Israeli anti-terrorism specialist…



This is hilarious. The show itself is a bit sh i t but some of the snippets are hilarious. The bit in the 1st episode about kids with guns was funny but truly frightening.

I burst out laughing when he got that politician to shout out the n word and then casually went ‘I meant Noony you savage’ or something like that.

From a British perspective, people in the US in general are much more gullable and overly earnest. I think that’s why a lot of the world think Americans are stupid. Obviously that’s not the case but it’s quite easy to take the p i ss

the quinceanera bit was out of this world funny i almost died laughing

The rap battle was hilarious.