Who is Belinda ?

Who is he ? When did he appear ?

Pretty sure he’s Monkey.d.Retard. Much like yourself, we IP ban and you guys find your way back. Unlike you - who’s appeared to be a somewhat normal poster for 24 hours, Belinda/monkey is quickly sliding off the rails. Shouldn’t be long before he self-destructs.

Hmm, Monkey…that makes sense.

I can’t believe the weirdos this site draws. We need more normal people, like me! :sunglasses:

What is not normal about me ?

no idea who monkey is, sounds like a stand up brosef though refusing to be censored by hypocritical white wankers from bumfuck kansas who talk crap about free speech but delete posts that don’t align with a worldview limited by their pidgeon brains

fk em, fk em all power to the people, stick it to the man.

Image result for black power symbol

I was wondering the same thing. The fact that he called me fat made me think that either he’s really good at looking through old threads (doubtful), or he’s a resurrected idiot with a new name.

All the “power to the black people” references make me think of Stormy Hotel. That’s purely conjecture, though.

The use of the term “aboriginal bros” fits, wasn’t Monkey from Australia? And the white-hate trip of course.

AF has eccentric oddball trolls. I think of myself as more “troll classic”, back when trolling meant something, these next-gen trolls are ruining our trade!

^ you’re a boring wanker now.

Stormy was a legend!

Ivan Drago --> Monkey D Luffy --> Belinda

Although I know you’re trolling me, I still feel compelled to respond. I’ve never deleted a post. I’ve edited posts and always left an explanation as to why. And it’s never been because I disagree with the comment. As for you specifically, I don’t think I’ve ever even edited one of yours.

But, by all means, fight the power man!

“Belinda” is totally a straight white male. I say the top middle one from the antifa selection below…not even super-loon like the far right characters. Just plain vanilla “pinky”. Cmon Monkey, am I close?

not even close lol. im not even from the western hemisphere.

and ivan was another legend who needs to come back.

ivan and stormy and boom we got a party going

yo zidhai you get out of your parents basement yet?

sick burn bro! brosef gonna need some bonjella for that.

turn it down, no need to be so savage!

thanks kid. next time you come back dont use a female name.mmmkay?

^ That’s kinda creepy right? Also it’s a fat chick name! :open_mouth:

^ still not as creepy as white brosef in east asia

^ Yeah, it’s 100% certain Monkey.

Aren’t there forum rules about banned people coming back, and that being a bannable offense?

ohhhh, touched a nerve with gaijin snowflake right there