Who is changing their date to May 21

Given yesterday’s news (you must know by now) who is actually changing their test date back to May? Or are you going ahead with Dec. knowing you can retake in May.

I’m still taking it in December. I started studying last September for June 2020 and i’m tired/want to be done. I do live in SF though which is a high risk area. My game plan is if the SF/surrounding centers get cancelled and other parts of the country that are well contained are still on for December 2020, I’m just going to change my test centers and fly out there the week before… (fingers crossed).

We’re also quarantining… so outside of work there’s nothing better for me to do honestly.

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Is the May exam the same curriculum as December?

Yes :+1:

I’ve also been studying since September-ish of last year for June 2020, so I’m leaning towards staying with December. I like how CFAI is giving us until late October to defer, which allows us to take a look at our own geographic situations relatively close to exam time (assuming not postponed anyway).

The way I see it, I should be prepared for sure to go for a pass in December - worst case, I can always register for May later and have had good practice in December if things don’t work out.

The major consideration will be the level of risk in actually taking the exam and the impact that will/could have on my family. Luckily, CFAI is giving us a fair and reasonable date to make that determination as individuals.

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I need to be done already, December, it is. The last written CFA exam - can’t pass that up. Historic and successful, hopefully! And yeah, what else is there to do this fall?! I already ran out of Netflix.


Have they said anything about changing venues? I live in Boston for example. What if Boston has a flare up in late November, would I be able to switch to Atlanta or something? I would gladly drive down to Atlanta if it meant I could sit in December. I really want to take this test.

To register for May/Nov CBT, the website says it’s on first come first basis. Assuming some of decide to change from Dec. 2020 to either one of those dates come Aug. 20 and the rest of decide to stick to Dec. 2020 - if there’s indeed a cancellation. What are the Dec.2020 candidates supposed to do if we can’t find a spot in May? I want to be done! not get a refund or postpone it to nov 2021

what do we think the chances are of the exam being postponed in one state but allowed in another? do you think they’ll treat the us as one area to avoid people from high risk areas traveling to lower risk areas and potentially contaminating those test centers? i also want this over with in december, and i think new york should be fine but the rest of the country may still be a mess.

I spoke with CFA about all these questions. 1. I asked about late (November) flare ups in hot cities and being able to transfer given capacity limits at last minute 2. What does first come first serve mean 3. Are we saying that its going to be ok for folks in a hotspot to transfer in masses to a a colder spot (which only serves to increase risk)
-There was no real answer to these, she was honest. She said, they haven’t received definitive guidance from the powers that be. They will update as they go along, we may have some better answers once the system opens up for changes later this month, and they can get a better picture on the numbers. She did say that the first come first serve should be ok since we have a seven day window. She may be right but we know how the system cracks in an extreme situation. We agreed that it is probably going to be difficult to accommodate everyone’s situation perfectly. Guess until we hear more the best thing to do is to figure out which group is at the biggest disadvantage assuming the absolute worst with the pandemic…and work backwards from there. If I fail in December (hate to be negative but its a reality) how long before I find out? And will I still be able to schedule may?

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No way am I changing dates again, I’ve sunk too many hours into this exam and I am totally over studying for it now :grin: Praying lady luck will be on my side and everything goes to plan. On the flip side, at least we’re not talking about final year uni exams :exploding_head: