Who is going for a three-peat?

Ok so who amongst us is trying to make it three from three?

I am hoping to have passed all levels on my first attempt after this. I took a year off after Level 2 and I must admit it was hard to get back into the study for Level 3. Feel largely the same after the exam as I felt after Level 1 and Level 2 - that is not really sure what to expect!


going for 3 from 3, not hugely confident after AM paper though, finished it but was very tight for time and didnt get to review it, hand writing a worry too and think it got progressively worse as time ran out

Also going 3 for 3. Am hopeful! But, really have no idea how I did.

There were so many “tricks” on the am session and I know that I have missed some of those. It was not the content that made the exam difficult, it was time time constraint and the “tricks” which made it difficult

Going for 3/3. Left exam feeling very confident I passed, but this forum brought me down a little. Then, I realized only have to score in top half of candidates and suddenly felt better again.

Also going 3/3. I’m 50/50 that I passed, exactly how I felt on the previous 2 tests.

Lucky u r! It’s my second try, n I feel like I did much worse than last year…seems like its gonna be three for L3 in my case

I had been hoping for a three-peat; I passer level I in December 2012, passed the 2 the following June and sat last Saturday for the third. Alas, my wife and I lost our first child in still birth the Monday before and a lot of the last 5 days before the exam got spent away from the curriculum. If I passed, it will be a true miracle, because not only did I freeze on topics I had known fairly well, but every one of my weak topics appeared in one form or another. No mocks could have prepared me for this yesr’s test. If I end up repeating, I will dread it a bit only because it will remind me of the pregnancy situation from the then-previous year - not because failing is somehow a “failure”.

3 for 3! about 80% sure i passed.

@ishkurti, sorry to hear about your loss. My wife and I were nearly in your shoes last year. Our son was born 3 months prematurely and spent 4.5 months in the NICU. The CFAI was good enough to give me a deferall from last year’s level 3 exam as a result.

Your story will likely put things into perspective for a few people on this board who are making a huge deal out of potentially having to rewrite next year.

Like @missinglink, I am hoping for 3/3 after taking last year off between L2 and L3. Felt pretty good after the test but nothing is ever in the bag with the CFA.

I am going for 3 for 3 and >70% in every category for all 3.

Unfortunately I totally messed up the timing on the AM paper and expect to fail.

Does anyone not try to go 3/3?

going for 3/3 in 18 months, started with Dec. 2012

One does not simply “try” to go 3/3.