Who is Going to relive their childhood when this comes out in November?

miniature old school nintendo with 30 pre-installed classic games on it… https://www.engadget.com/2016/07/14/nintendos-classic-mini-is-a-tiny-nes-with-30-games/

Just so you don’t have to look, pre-loaded games include:

Balloon Fight

Bubblt Bobble

Castlevania 1 and 2

Donkey Kong & Donkey Kong Jr.

Double Dragon 2

Dr. Mario


Final Fantasy


Ghosts N Goblins


Ice Climber

Kid Icarus

Kirby’s Adventure

Mario Brothers

Mega-Man 2


Ninja Gaiden


Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream



Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, & 3

Tecmo Bowl

Legend of Zelda 1 & 2

I, for one, will NOT be buying. Mainly because I have my original NES that I got when I was 7.

And I didn’t play a lot of those games. I loved Final Fantasy, but I can play the new & improved version on the iPad. The Mario games are available on the Wii.

I like the fact that they included Tecmo Bowl instead of Super Tecmo Bowl, but the selection of Super C instead of Contra is weak.

I also like the first Double Dragon better than Double Dragon 2.

And there is only one Punch-Out, and that is Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

Also, they should have had battletoads and ninja turtles.

Battletoads… that was legit one of the hardest games ever.

When I was a kid we just played with rocks. :frowning:

Some games that should have been included:

Dragon Warrior 1 and 4

Pro Wrestling

RBI Baseball

Super Spike V-Ball

World Cup

Ice Hockey


where did you grow up ?

SuperC but no original contra? Contra was my game, I could still do that up,down,up,down,a,b,a,b code with my eyes closed before that entry animation was finished in order to get the 99+ extra lives

Contra was hands down the best game

sounds like north korea

^^In my heyday, I could beat Contra while dying only twice. (That’s twice in the entire game.)

I could also beat Mike Tyson without ever getting knocked down.

Psshhh No Excite Bike either? what crap.

Edit I see its on there. At least they got a good sample of good ones


just get a USB controller and download an emulator. PM me if you want some links. I don’t want to violate any TOS here on AF or anything by posting them.

Won’t buy it if it doesn’t come with Blades of Steel!

No Gauntlet, RBI baseball, Contra or Mike Tysons? Ghost n goblins was tight though

Hmmmm, I may have to put that on the Christmas list.