Who is reading all the optional texts in CFAI curriculum?

When it comes to optional sections, I read it only if i find it interesting…I have ignored lot of them in FSA and Econ…but read the optional stuff in CAPM and quant… I hope they dont ask questions on these in the tests

i did not, exc ept for some. It is ok, but it wont be on test obviously

i ignored every optional area. i only cracked the CFAI books for ethics and FSA. But i did get to know these two CFAI books rather well. I went to schweser for everything else.

i read a couple if i found the preceding subject matter particularly engaging

I’ve skipped it all so far…I figured my time is better spent reading the stuff that will actually be on the test.

I skim thru it depending on the topic. I have found that Stalla at least asked a few questions from the optional readings in Ethics. They actually asked a detailed calculation question using weights.