Who is still awake?

are you there?

up and running here in sunny singapore…all prepared to go home and see the big FAIL on my screen and cry like a lil bitch all night…

be positive sparty…you will do good

Up here on the West Coast. Think I will take something to sleep soon and wake up at 6:00AM to get results.

are you taking a sleeping pill?


awake here. i was looking for some clue as to what my results would be. but with all the people on this forum, i’'m sure one of them would have found a way to see results early if it were possible.

I’m not going to sleep for sh!t tonight. I do take some comfort in the possibility that I may never lose another night of sleep to this program.

I am thinking about getting Michael Jacksons anesthesiologist to put me out and then bring me back out of it around 9 eastern and then if I fail to put me out for good.

thank god for this website…if it wasn’t for all you people here…i would have probabaly gone mental by now…just trying to keep calm and get through the day… haven’t done much work since i got to work.just been refreshing the l3 forum and cfa website…

lol…sparty you need to take it easy…its just an exam

signing off…good luck tomorrow!

good luck to you as well.

haha…i kno wat u mean cfa…but i just cant see myself going through another l3…just want to get it with…plus its actually imp. i try to finish it off rite now…becuz i am hoping to switch jobs soon if the result is positive…

Although I haven’t posted much in the past I am an active reader and I am very happy to know that I am not the only person going crazy as a result of this exam…GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

where r u from jvand…

I am from Ohio, but currently living in Arizona. U?

Good luck to all of you! I will be up most of the night as I have to finish some job-related stuff. Will try not to doze off before 8 am Central.

im up…gotta conference call tomorrow…guess ill need an extra serving of coffee…

still up - WEST COAST! Good luck folks!