Who is still doing Mocks?

At this stage of the game, I don’t think there’s much incremental gain for me in working on more mock exams. I’ve completed 5 in total and I will be spending my time reviewing all of them over the next few days. I will also breeze through Ethics one last time on Friday.

I am switching gears on going through my flash cards and commitment formulas and concepts to memory.

Me. :slight_smile:

i agree, problem is that 1 mock exam is such a limited subset of the curriculum that you are missing out from catching an important point in the broader curriculum… me personally, im jumping around doing EOC problems from all readings… not worried about the time but more focused on learning it

I just finished the 3rd Schweser AM (Vol 1). Will do the PM later tonight. I have it so might as well use it and I need as much exposure to FRA and FI that I can get. I have the CFAI EOCs memorized at this point so those are useless to me. Formula and note card review is tomorrow.

I agree with this. I was only able to take my first (and only) mock on this past Monday, so that makes me a little uncomfortable (although I’ve done all EOC and online assessments). As DanV said, it’s a limited view of what you could be tested on. I’m looking at EOCs for areas where I know I’ve had trouble, and either tomorrow or Friday I’ll go through my note cards, making a few more for random details. I wish CFAI had more vignette style EOCs (or online material), but then again, the curriculum is always changing, so that would be difficult to maintain the quality of the questions, I suppose.

Well when you’ve taken a solid amount of mocks and debriefed them, you have a wider subset. I think I will spend some time going through all the mock solutions that I made highlights in that I was wrong, was totally clueless or got lucky on.

I agree. The key statement is if you have already taken a bunch, then you have the wider base to go from. I think marginal utility at that point would be low.

Given that there isn’t much time left, I also think taking 6 hours for another full mock is low yield for someone who has only taken a few mocks so far. There could be repeat topics (not broadening the base covered), and by the time you review the day is over. EOCs and assessments would allow for one to cover more ground, at this point (in my opinion). If this were 2 weeks ago, I would take more mocks since the utility per time invested would be higher (again, in my opinion).

I find the most value by doing the online pratice questions by far right now. They are the most comprehensive and loosely reflect the topic weightings.

And they have a lot of “tricks” that more focused EOCs don’t. I’m liking the online assessments as well. Did 4 in the past 1.5 hours, and plan on getting a bunch more done tonight – then doing more tomorrow night and Friday morning. Oh, and also writing formulas and concepts down on paper as much as possible.

Same here. I feel I know what I need to do to manage my time properly: KNOW the stuff! The more I know something well, the less hesitant I get and the better I manage my time. So I focus on stuff I need to re-expose myself to in the online tests and otherwise memorize whatever I can

I am doing CFAI Mock tomorrow.