who is still here?

Almost 12 in the east coast. I will be here for another half an hour. Need study partner…

hangin out on the east coast as well for another hour or so… lets get at it… 2 weeks to go, every second counts…

I’m here. Studying 2008 L2 fixed income notes tonight 'cuz I need to brush up for an interview. Damn happy that I don’t have to take an exam in 15 days though…

Still here… Am a bit depressed, last year at this time I was cruising through L2 and had good practice exam scores. This year, I find that L3 exams are killing me… J.

L3 is a b!tch man. Those essays are a killer. If you master the format of the AM session you’ve got a good chance to kill the exam.

L3 exams are putting a bruising on me too… thats why i am still awake and working thru EOC problems…

McLeod good luck - I am sure you are going to nail this interview like you crushed the exam last year.

Thanks pupdawg. Good luck to you as well. Your freedom awaits.

Worked until 10:30, got back home at 11, took an hour to relax/eat/shower. Slammed a redbull and now reviewing risk management. 16 days, TIME TO MAN UP!

Still here and on the east coast - off tomorrow so I expect to be here at least another hour or two!

11.20pm. will be another 30mins bf going to bed

wow so many people are still here. It looks like MPS will going to be higher this year. Relax guys don’t make it harder for the rest of us… I am calling it off for the night. Good Night Mcleod - Good Luck (I am sure you don’t need it)

12:30 in the midwest. Fell asleep on the couch for 3.5 hours tonight. Put in about 45 minutes and said eff it. Looks like 3 straight nights of going to bed between 1 and 130am finally caught up to me.

Reporting @ 1.44AM East Coast. Probably here for couple more hours.

LaGrandeFinale Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Reporting @ 1.44AM East Coast. Probably here for > couple more hours. Atta boy. Sleep is overrated this time of year.

LaGrandeFinale Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Reporting @ 1.44AM East Coast. Probably here for > couple more hours. Nice.

Nice work y’all… I stayed until about 9:30pm in Texas… back up studying again at 7:00am. I’m really getting tired of pulling into the parking lot at work and being the first one in and the last one to leave at night. Especially since everyone here thinks I’m getting my CPA. Crunch Time baby!

A woman who sits next to me (Assistant to SVP) asked me how’s my prep for series 7 going on? I don’t care about CFA anymore!

S7 is soooooo much easier than CFA, but S7 is so not useful

Good morning gentleman’s It’s 10:45 in Montreal, bright and sunny outside, and I’m checking in for another 14 hours of studying on the terrace. Who’s with me? J. P.S I lost my study partner at L2. Now you guys are my motivation. P.P.S It could be worst, I could be studying with Skillionnaire and have to take 15 minute breaks every hour so that he can have a smoke and jerk off…