Who is studying right now.. Friday at 11pm Eastern time!!!

Yeah! me too. I know the feeling!

You’re not alone. Keep the midnight oil burning.

Nice Aether!!!

Keep it up buddy!!! You’ll be celebrating by late July!

Not “now” per se, but I did stay late at the office this evening (everyone disappeared by 5ish) and it was def a bit of a struggle to stay motivated…this exam is interesting in that not only does it test your knowledge, but man you gotta have discipline to work long hours + balance any personal stuff + study and actually be able to recall the CBOK! Unfortunately, my dedication is still a hit/miss rather than a consistent x hours/day…hoping it’ll turn around soon!

I always go to bed at a reasonable hour, but I’m back at it by 4:00 AM, CST on a Saturday morning - and that’s sleeping in for me smiley

I hear ya Fatso!

It’s tough for people working, dealing with family issues and on top trying to focus!!! Just remember it will all be over soon. THERE IS AN END DATE!!!

Going over pension accounting while seeing (from my apt window) all these hot girls dolled up going out to the bars…