Who is the richest CFA?

Legit question. Famous has its limits. Which CFA charterholder out there has the highest net worth???

Charles Brandes?? something like $2.5 billion

Shia Labeouf, a candidate at that!

Not me that’s for sure.

numi, duh. Oh wait, you said CFA? Nevermind…

I think Astrid Menks is a Cat Fancier… does that count?

Mario Gabelli is estimated at $1.0 billion.

Calamos is more than that.

i would say abigail or ned johnson… probably way ahead of anyone else. in absolute honesty, not surprised no one else came up with it, given the quality of recent candidates. the truth!!!.. sorry

^^I don’t think either of them have the CFA though…

wow, that would shock me that neither have it. i guess though neither was/is a money manager themselves. what % of your hedge fund managers making over $100 million per year have it?? or do they have better things to do??

BIll Gross is up there on the list for sure hes worth a few Billion

I am sure there are some HF Managers that are in the Billions.