Who is the richest person you hooked up with?

An investment banking analyst at a major bank who eventually became a hedge fund manager.

Never happened.

My right hand.

All your baby mamas were broke?

now this could get interesting…

Russian minigarchs daughter. Only chubby Russian chick I ever hooked up with.

My friend in college was dating a girl whose dad is the CEO of a major company. My friend is brilliant, but is the most lazy ass guy I have ever met, and I think that the girl might have been seeing him due to some daddy issues… but anyway…

Not much for myself… ohai is a friend of the middle class…

This jewish chick.


Did he treat you nice?

30yo entrepreneur chick from korea (net worth 2mil) who was vacationing in my city. I was supposed to start managing her investments, but she never called me back after she left

*feels used*

It feels so good doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

^ Better be used than to get no play at all. At least i earned some bragging rights among my ghetto friends :smiley:

I really don’t know. They all seem to become fabulously wealthy after they’ve spent at least one night with me. :-/

Daughter of head of sales at BMW who was also on the board of directors. Dated her for a couple of months before I got with someone else…

I’m not sure I’ve ever hooked up with anyone with a positive net worth. Clearly I’m pretty awesome. Wait I take that back, I’m pretty sure there was one

One of my favorite posts on AF in a while. I lol’d

A guy I work with dated Sara Blakely for a couple years in college. I’m not sure but I think he dumped her…

^ I guess he saw her without her Spanx on and wasn’t impressed.

grandchild of paper/publishing entrepreneur with last name on a dorm at columbia