Who is unemployed?

If so 1. How have you been looking for jobs? (or have you) 2. Any luck? 3. What are your qualifications? 4. Where do you live?

A better question would be who is employed.

an even better question would be, who made a G today?

Have you had a chance to ride the donkey?

Hitler was employed.


I dont think Hitler could get a job right now

Hello Mister Walrus Wrote: Have you had a chance to ride the donkey? ------------------------------------------------------------------ +1 LOL ! That’s by far the comment of the day Long live AKO

I meant this as a serious thread

I work as a consultant for one of the banks here in NYC and my job contract is getting over this month end. Gave an interview with a rival firm and it lasted for 2.5 hours - still have to hear the results though. If I don’t hear anything by this Friday, then it’s time to look elsewhere. I am (deep-in-the-money) LONG that interview, but they have other folks comin’in for interview for that one open slot and they want to pick the best of the lot.