Who is using Schweser Qbank for 2012 Level 3 - please answer

I’m thinking about buying Schweser Qbank for Level3. How many questions for Level 3 are there? How many of them have CFA exam format? Is it worth its price? Thanks!

It is largely worthless and I would recommend not using it.

Save your money. Not worth it.

I think the consensus from many is that it isn’t worth it, on the other hand, I use it to drill definitional and sometimes formulas and stuff…Is it gonna get you a pass? No, but it can help uncover issues and drill some of the points home…I find it useful…I mean how can doing a whole pile of questions ever be bad, so long as its supplemental to the more critical CFAI texts and Blue boxes…

I have Qbank, but I used it only in early stage of studying. Now I don’t even think I have enough energy to finish all the CFAI blue-box Examples, EOC, real AM, sample/mock questions, and Schweser blue-box examples, and etc.

Given my painful experience from last year (below 50% for most AM Qs & failed at band 10), I will practice more on old questions, and keep my brain in good condition till 6/3. Basically, I’m more concerned if people can understand what I’m talking about.

Solving high-quality old questions may be more helpful sometimes.

Thanks everybody for answers!