Who just got a cold????

I got a cold on tuesday!! had me up wednesday and i feel like crap right now… why oh why!!!

sorry to hear man…feel better take it easy and do your best

I hardly left my apartment all week. I went out to buy bread, dunkin donuts, and the dentist, and that’s it.

If I am really sick, can I postpone the exam with a doctor note??

i very much doubt it. the institute would probly refund you, or move you to june 09 for free. no chance of doing it anytime other than tmrw though.

nope… and no, they will not give a refund or move the exam - they are less than sympathetic unless it is an earth shattering issue such as what happened in Mumbai… sorry… load up on meds, get some sleep, and hope for the best…

Sick as well, but still going to own this test

i was getting a cold last week, so i just sped it up by doing alot of gross things, like going outside shirtless and getting wet in the rain. i got VERY VERY sick, but got over it in 2 days. instead of delaying it for a long time. yes i know its stupid but hey, i feel pretty good now huh?