Who provides the best Investment Management Certificate (IMC) training in the UK?

I am from a non financial background and don’t have much knowledge of the sector. I’m aiming to break into asset management. I’m planning on studying to gain the IMC qualification and was hoping for some insight on who the better providers are. The CFA website mentions the providers to be Kaplan Financial Markets, Fitch Learning, Quartic Training and BPP Professional Education. I cant find any recent forum posts or blogs entries that answer this question so I would really appreciate any advice. How about textbooks and learning material? What are the more highly regarded study books? Thank you in advance!

Not sure about the ‘best’ but you could definitely try Bluebook Academy. They provide authentic certificates. their courses are pretty precise and helpful so it wouldn’t be much hard to get one in less than a month. They are adding other new good features so maybe you check it out.

Thanks Nikki

I used 7City/Fitch when I took it. I would recommend them. I am a visual learner and the video content they provided was very good.