who read economics million times and....

still forget some of it when you take a sample exam. it is rediculous, i read may 4 times now and still forget some stupid stuff when i take a sample test.

I have the exact same problem. I think previous thread recommended doing sample questions over and over until it sticks.

im the same way… If its straight answers, I am OK but if they start mixing in like LR and SR I am alllll messed up.

yeah i agree. i seem to be ok with microec and the market structures but terrible with macro (inflation graphs, LR/SR effects etc). if someone could post an eco guide covering all the tough points we would be forever grateful!

Ditto. I’ve got micro down, but I’m going through macro for the 4th time right now. It’s the one topic that completely drags down my scores on the practice exams. And it’s not that it’s super complicated…there’s just too much to remember.

yeah, all the relationships kill me. Put it this way, I just took Book 6 Exam 2 AM and scored and 84, but got a whopping 40% in economics.

Same here… Am reading the CFA book on Econ *again*…

does the CFA eco book help? i was afraid of the level of reading but maybe i need to bring out the big guns, as schweser notes and qbank just arent helping…

hey guys, remember eco is only a 10% on the exam. do not know if you are spending too much time on this section by trying to re-read the entire 900 pages.

schweser is perfect for econ. I haven’t opened the cfa book

Whew! I reviewed Econ today, and just finished a practice exam. I only missed one Econ question. I think it helped that I copied down a lot of the charts, which drilled in the effects of certain things. Unfortunately, Ethics, which has been my strongest area, went WAY downhill on that one. If it’s not one thing, it’s another!!

The only thing about econ that confuses me is remembering the millions of characteristics of monopolists/ologopoly/perfect competition/monopoly

Ive actually been doing better than I thought with the Econ during my reviews. Helps a lot if you can draw the diagrams in most cases.