Who studied L2 from CFAI material and failed?

Hi. I am reading from CFAI material (at cruising speed as it is rather early) as I know even closer to the exam (say 2-3 months before this), I won’t be able to commit more than 2 hours a day (and maybe 4 during weekends); this is due to due to workload at office, kiddos etc. I am making notes, doing EOCs and I intend re-reading chapters and leaving aside significant time for revision closer to exam. Although material from CFAI books is big, I think it has a number of examples which strengthens my understanding. Do you know of people who had (seriously) studied from the CFAI books and failed? Thank you all.

given the nature of the exam - it does not really matter where you study from. what matters is how you have assimilated the material - and how you are able to cope with the questions thrown at you. more preparation / studying from different sources / looking at different types of questions helps you prepare for this task.

Thank you CP.

me, check out my fail post

Hi Sungirl - Noted this. Seems one needs to do more questions other than EOCs for for practice.

I studied seriously from CFAI books in 2010 and failed band 9. but it doesn’t mean anything. everyone study on their own way and pace.

thank you sherbeer