Who writes Stalla and Schweser?

Sarcasm aside, who writes the study notes for these test preparation services? No denying that they have been written by extremely knlowedgable people in the area (especially Stalla)…just wondering who they are, and is it usually two or three people or many more than that. Do you know any of these people? Any guesses on how much money these providers make?

I will answer your question with a question – Is Tina Fey hot?

They are the words of the almighty himself LOL Seriously, mainly the people you see in the video series’ etc. which are mainly academics who do CFA courses and contract work for Schweser/Stalla. John Harris is not an academic, but I know he did some of the FSA for Level II, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did some for LI, even though it is much more simplistic in nature. Contract work I imagine…$5 or $10K per SS??

… so you’re saying grasping the material so well won’t get you very far? How disappointing!

Ask Joey…he knows who sit above the cloud… Zeus writes the Ethic session, Poseidon writes the Quanto session, Hermes (God of flight, thieves, and commerce) write derivative and alternative investment session Athena writes the fixed income session Aphrodite writes portfolio management.

You didn’t tell us the evil who writes FSA!

It seems as if every Schweser section is written by the same guy. The writing has one constant “voice.” In contrast, you can tell that CFAI was written by several different authors.

Dreary Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > You didn’t tell us the evil who writes FSA! Well it is Cerberus… the guardian of the CFA Underworld… "a faithful servant of the committee (the god who ruled that gloomy realm). He was represented as a grotesque dog who had three heads (called Balance sheet, Income statement and Cash flow), all of which snarled at those foolish enough to attempt to leave the Underworld; the dog also had the tail of a serpent (also called footnotes). According to legend, Cerberus was the result of the union of Corporate Finance and Accounting Entries, two beings that are best described as somewhat monstrous themselves. "

Likely edited quite heavily to help it flow.

Cool, strangedays!

WE DO!!.. I actually got a random email from Stalla…they were hiring authors (Level I passers) to write for them… Then they sit down and chose which one suits the best for them. Anish

one of them is JDV.