WHOA...anyone else think those changes are intense?

Band 9 fail here…pretty confident ill pass in 2017 because i was so close, but i just saw all the curriculum changes and there are SO many


2017 retakers: how are we feeling about this?

Like I said before so glad I passed this time…those topic removals from FRA and Equities were the easiest to understand…those derivative topics…weren’t so bad too to understand once you did the EOCs several times.

Hopefully they didn’t make that pension chapter any longer for you guys next year…however olinto does such a great job explaining through pensions on his 11th hour video…which I highly recommend.

11th hour video of FRA and equity taught by Olinto are really good and if any of you purchased the Wiley material and didn’t pass this year I would recommend you taking notes of the video before they remove them down…and repost the SAME exact videos again a month before the exam…

Derivatives was the hardest topic for me, but the most I liked. Seriously. Glad I got 70> on it.

Looks really ugly what the institute did with derivatives. Some magic has gone lol.

On the other hand, they added algorithmic trading, maybe even more interesting.

Adapting to the new era …

Future finance will be guided by a few people and a thousand machines at their service. Creepy.

What was the content of CFAI curriculum in 1960s? Passing rates in this period were impressive…:slight_smile:

I really don’t think it will be that big of a change. I fell like it’s more so a reorganization of topics but the content will stay similar. Derivatives is the biggest uncertainty

Most directed to executive professionals, so smart people already there, not much surprise there were 99% success rate lol.

One can sell his/her copy of the 1960s’ curriculum as antiques at auction …LOL!

I would really like to see the CFAI books of 1960, if in fact there were “books”, maybe just a panflet hahah

I am quite sure in one. Maybe even more than 80 % today’s candidates outside of US and Canada would not be able to apply to CFAI program under 1960s’ conditions without internet and other advantages of today…

I looked into the derivatives LOS and not much has changed really: valuing options, binomial trees, BSM etc all under contingent claims…

there you go. shouldn’t be too bad. I just have to decide if i want to buy textbooks or not

Here’s the full list


looks like they made it easier removing some of the hard readings

I don’t understand why they removed Porter’s Five Forces? It was the only strategic analysis skill taught in the whole CFA program … Company analysis is not just about numbers …

I was thinking the same thing.

Yup, couldn’t agree more. Especially since a good number of CFA candidates come from a STEM background & might not have had the luxury of learning the model in their undergraduate studies. I wonder if they are looking to reposition it into another one of the Levels next year (perhaps Level 1 once the December 2016 examination is completed).

Regarding derivatives, they didn’t change anything, they just condensed the readings about Options, Swaps, etc. in the reading of the Futures and Forwards, so in the end derivatives will remain exactly the same (have a look on the 2017 CFA books)!

I just had also a quick view on the other topics, pretty much the same as 2016 apart PM the new section about algo trading which is about only 20 pages and only conceptual, nothing special unfortunately.

I was also looking on the other readings of PM and I felt there were a lot of new things, then I looked at CFA 2016 books and they were already in…so, Schweser left out a lot of material there (chapter Economics and Investment Markets).

Is it possible that we don’t have EOC questions in the 2017 curriculum???

At least I don’t see any for the derivatives section.

I’m devastated because I studied the derivatives section from the 2016 book (I could not take the exam this year) and now seeing these changes, and no EOC questions…