Whoa kobe just died from a helicopter crash.

She said no repeatedly from the beginning if you read her testimony and asked to leave as well as tried to leave repeatedly since before the official act started. Guy’s a rapist, only difference between him and the Stanford swimmer is that he’s better at basketball. Doesn’t mean you can’t miss the good elements of him but he’s getting a weird pass. From your article:

"“Then he held me by my neck and physically forced me over to the side of the couch,” she continued. “That’s when he continually had one hand around my neck and with his other hand pushed me over to the side of the two chairs um, turned me around and bent me over and lifted up my skirt.” She told police that “ at that point I was just kinda scared and I said no a few times, ” adding she said no “when he lifted up my skirt” and again “when he took off my underwear.”

When asked by police how she knew Bryant had heard her, she replied, “Because every time I said no he tightened his hold around me.”

The accuser said that, with one arm still around her neck, Bryant “would lean his face real close to me and ask me questions.” The question: “You’re not gonna tell anybody right.”

The penetration, she told police, lasted about “five minutes,” during which time she was crying, saying that the crying began “when he was coming inside, or started having sex with me.”"

He then denied three times that anything had happened with the woman to police

When police informed him that the accuser had submitted to a physical exam and they’d taken semen and blood evidence from her person, Bryant admitted that the two had sex

“[The nurse] stated that there were several lacerations to the victim’s posterior fourchette or vaginal area, and two of those lacerations were approximately one centimeter in length,” testified Det. Winters. “And there were many, I believe, 2 millimeter lacerations. Too many to count… [The nurse] stated that the injuries were consistent with penetrating genital trauma. That it’s not consistent with consensual sex.”

Det. Winters further stated that the nurse told him the vaginal injuries had most likely occurred within “24 hours,” and that the accuser had “ a small bruise on her left jaw line.” Also, that examiners had found “blood excretions” on Bryant’s T-shirt “to about the waistline.” The blood, testified Det. Winters, had “the same DNA profile as the victim in this case.”"

bs no girl has ever said no to you when in fact they were really down? dead curious? all girls just say yes lets bang?

there are different kind of nos. there are nos when they are playing coy. and there are nos where someone say stop, im not down get the fuck off me. from how she described it, it is very hard to tell.

she could yell, hotels walls are paper thin. also you cant get trauma from consensual sex? and nurses can tell with 100% certainty right?

like to this day. my fiance says no before we have sex every time even though she is down. i think she does it because she doesnt want to appear eager, and i imagine a lot of women feel that way as well. sometimes though she really isnt down, and its fairly easy to tell because she says no in a firm resolute manner.

Nery, question for you. How much would you need to be paid to be male raped by a global celebrity? Let’s say Scarlet Johanssen or someone forcibly has sex with you and then pays you a few million in compensation afterwards. Is that a win-win or lose-lose. Please discus. Tank.

Wait, you posted the account and asked if it was rape. Then said no and blatantly made a claim that was false based on the account you provided. I corrected you based on the exact link you gave and now you’re trying to say the link you gave is bogus? A+ stuff Nerdy, must be hard pulling off the mental gymnastics to defend an obvious rapist. It was so obvious he was innocent he paid $1M to settle, seems legit.

You do have a point, the other rapists you listed only stopped when they were busted. For the rapist Kobe that was within 24 hours and with a full medical examination. He also lied to police and her story checks out with the evidence.

Whether or not its rape has nothing to do with how hard the person fights or screams and she did say no multiple times, showed physical signs aligning with a non-consensual account, apparently cried during, tried to get away repeatedly until he finally let her go he didn’t finish until after she left. All standard foreplay in the Nerdy household. She was obviously scared as well and may have worried about what would happen if she screamed since the whole thing is surreal and he was a 6’6 until very recently.

so if you have a wife. and u have millions. ur not goign to lie abotu comitting adultery? and ur saying that someone who accepts a million is an innocent person? not looking for a money grab? an innocent person would try to put the rapist behind bars, not accept a handout.

the link i gave you is not bogus. ur interpretation is bogus. its not as conclusive as you make it out to be.

but bs. no girl has ever said no to you multiple times even though she was really down to have sex? they just say yes immediately, and open up their legs on the spot?


Kobe style needs an update. Maybe “Blow me up Kobe style?”

Obviously would not lie if the cops are the ones asking. No brainer. Funny how hard you’re trying to rationalize this. The facts are entirely on her side, medical check and all. Your claim about the innocent person is ridiculous. An innocent person would never pay a false accuser $1M. Women always comment how traumatizing these trials are for them.

I literally just quoted it. Your only attempt to cite a piece of evidence from the account was factually incorrect.

If a girl said no, I was out. Better to not be a rapist than trying to score, also I don’t deal with games. If the same girl turns around later and says unambiguously “I changed my mind”, that’s obviously entirely different than what happened.

The facts as they unambiguously stand in the account you provided:

  1. He lied to the police about it happening.

  2. She said no multiple times before it started.

  3. She tried to get away and he choked her and blocked her.

  4. She cried during.

  5. She eventually struggled enough that he was forced to stop and things were not finished.

  6. She within 24 hours went to the hospital where they found signs of damage and got DNA that matched his.

  7. He paid $1M for ???

Effective Nerdy counterpoints that were not immediately disproven:

  1. His wife resists sex with him.

i am not trying to defend kobe. i am merely saying that this woman did not know how to say no in an effective manner, and what happened to kobe can easily happen to everyone.

lol 1 no and you go eh? bs ur eitehr feeding me bs right now. or u dont get laid. or maybe ur so old u forgot how you did it.

lol well played. who knows.

Clearly they missed off ramps and definitely shows communication is key. But the situation seems pretty rapey to me.

OK . . . we’ve beaten this one to . . . well, you get the idea.