Whoa kobe just died from a helicopter crash.

41 :frowning:

So did four other people. :sob:


Iran shot an airplane, unknown virus is out of control, Australia on fire, Kobe died in an aviation accident. And it is only January!

Daughter too reportedly.

Along with another basketball player, one of that player’s parents, and, presumably, the pilot.

What surprises me the most is he used helicopters frequently but flew in a Sikorsky S-76, which is not a small or cheap helicopter. Usually those larger ones are extremely reliable.

Yea but I think Kobe has more impact to everyone.

RIP Kobe and daughter, the two victims of this tragic helicopter accident.

MSNBC: “The Los Angeles N*****s”??


To me it sounds like she started to say Knicks and then changed midway.

Enemy of the people.

Y’all see what the washington post reporter posted up on twitter and deleted this afternoon?

They’re doing all they can to put people against one another, very sad.

Will be an easy Trump victory, Americans are tired of racism and division. The left has some social policies that i support but i couldn’t deal with their racism any more :frowning:


I guess it’s not possible to have a single thread on AF without the Trump fanboy snowflake soyboy cucks whining about something, huh?

have you read the transcript? enjoy


does this sound like rape to you?

I am not statistian, but let’s say you are flying Heli 4-6 times a week. FAA says 0.82 per 100,000 flight hours, so 0.0000082 per hour

So for 10 years, 1-(*0.0000082)(52x10x6), so about 2.5%. Over 20 years, 5%. Sounds like high odds to take

Agree but at the same time those high end helicopters are FAR more reliable (and generally better maintained) than the average economy chopper. This is a pretty surprising thing.

Anyways, he definitely raped that girl and these stars don’t just settle because it was convenient. Bummer he’s dead but its pretty messed up.

He probably weighed the odds and decided it was better than dying slowly in LA traffic.

she only said no to 1 thing and thats getting cum on her face. i think he just thought she was the submissive type or playing hard to get. bottomline if you dont want to do something you can say no or scream for help. all we get is her thoughts on how she was so afraid she couldnt do anything which may not have been clear to kobe. besides imo ppl dont just rape once then call it quits. bill cosby, harvey weinstein, or even r kelly. kobe bryant is a totally different story.