Whole loan vs ALT-A

does anyone know waht the difference is between a whole loan CMO and an ALT-A CMO? how would prepayment behavior be different too between the two? thanks so much!

also are whole loan CMO’s the same thing as non-agency CMO’s? thanks

Correct me if I’m wrong but a Whole Loan is just that a whole loan from Prime to Subprime, 1st lien/2nd lien. A Whole Loan CMO has a mix of whole loan products say Prime, Alt A, Subprime, HELOC, etc. While a Alt A CMO is a CMO consisting of only Alt A loans. A non-agency CMO does not contain any loans from government sponsored entities. Whole loans can be modified and worked with to sort out issues, whereas whole loans in CMOs cannot… In other words, CMO is a structured product…

thx bigwilly! just bumping this thread to see if anyone else has anything to say.