"Whole Stuffed Camel" is the ultimate Turducken

Is this real?

“Cook eggs. Stuff eggs into fish. Cook the fish. Stuff the fish into cooked chickens. Stuff the cooked chickens into roasted sheep. Stuff the roasted sheep carcass into a whole camel . . . now cook to taste.[6]

These Bedouins are some weird motherfckers.



People in the U.S. eat Deer, People is Russia eat Bears, People in South America eat Goat and people in the Desert Eat Camel. It’s only weird because you don’t live there and you haven’t tasted it…

Also weird because you’re stuffing 4 whole animals into eachother, and then cooking an entire camel at once.

We’re not talking camel steaks, here.

do they make soup out of the camel’s toe?

or what about moose. Do people eat moose knuckle?

I wouldn’t mind the eggs, the chicken, the sheep and the camel, but why mix fish with all that? And where did those Bedouins get this fish anyway? Did Ewan McGregor hook them up with some salmon?

ps: I had bear once in Slovakia and it tasted like monkey butt.

Prairie oysters sure, but haven’t heard of anybody going for the full on knuckle