Who's following the Schweser Weekly Online Program?

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve found the Schweser weekly online classes to be helpful to me. If for no other reason than they help me to set a pace and stick to a firm schedule – that routine of getting all the CFAI & Schweser readings (plus a few practice problems) done for class Tuesday evening keeps me on target. Is anyone else here following along at home? This is a thread to discuss progress / professor / or problems.

pylon…i’d have to agree…it’s forcing me to make sure i have all the readings done by the class date. And it’s good for reinforcement of the material…if anything.

I’m doing them archived. i’m at corp finance right now. I think Holmes is a pretty good instructor. I’m using them as a refresher/review for topics i have already read and am already starting to forget.

I do the European class with Tim Smaby. It´s ok, but he wastes loaaaddsss of time rambling on at the beginning and then with the little quiz thing he does. Then he takes two breaks. Why does he need two breaks?!?! Take one break, grrrr!! All in all about 2.5 hours of actual teaching. Makes no sense, they should fill the whole three hours. I prefered Van Eaton at level 1, managed the class time better. In spite of that, Smaby is a good teacher.

I am not taking them, but what topic are they currently on?

We’re finishing up FSA tomorrow night.

I’m following with Holmes. It’s good!

mark me down as one that is not a big fan of Holmes. I still go to class (watch it) to pick up on anything I may have missed in the reading. There have been a few small things where I felt it has helped.

I haven’t studied at all in over a week, does that count? I’m about 2/3 through the total material so I think I’m on track. Definitely a self-study type of guy.

I’m following Smaby’s classes. I’ve just finished my first read-through of all the material. I can’t understand how I am to remember all of it in June.

Spin-The-WACC-Circle Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > he does. Then he takes two breaks. Why does he > need two breaks!!! Take one break, grrrr!! All in > all about 2.5 hours of actual teaching. Makes no > sense, they should fill the whole three hours. I Sorry, but you will find that there is a substantial body of research to support these breaks as improving retention and comprehension. And very little research to suggest two back-to-back 90 minute lectures as being a productive use of time.

For those of you taking Andy Holmes: When Holmboy says that it is not likely to be on the exam, don’t listen to him. I took level 2 last year, and trust me, you need to know these things. He seems to give you light information on the challenging topics. For example: the difference between using lifo and fifo with the temporal vs all current. Know this stuff!

I noticed that one too – not that I took LII last year, but still I thought this was an obvious test-able issue. Funny he would say that.

I’m taking it with Holmes too and agree it’s a great way to stay on track: Mondays-- i review for tuesday’s upcoming class. Tuesday-- class Wed/Thurs-- QBANK the topic from class Friday-chillax–no studying Saturday/Sunday–Read ahead…study like a mad man.

Whew… these past couple weeks really involved covering alot of material in order to stay with the class. I still the last section of this weeks class to play back because I wasn’t ready yet. I am beginning to agree with some of the comments here that Holmes is a bit too confident about what will or won’t be on the exam (mostly about what WON’T be on the exam). Then again, by the time I got through with all the official practice exams, I was surprised too about what clearly wasn’t going to on Level I. Maybe I should just relax and have faith.

Not sure about relaxing at this point … but FAITH is huge … before, during and after the test. Keep at it