Whos going late tonight?

How many of us staying up late tonight? I am aiming to sleep at 1 and wake up around 6:30.

probably not me

i had a light day. did about 100 problems. finished reading the 11th hour - about 50 pages. thats all. feeling like begin well rested is more important right now.

I’m not doing that… I’m just skimming over the last part of my CFAI mock, then re-reading Ethics, then relaxation… At this point, I feel like the marginal learning I receive by going late will not exceed the marginal cost of staying up late in terms of the optimal energy required tomorrow for the exam.

if it was just a 3 hour exam in am i would, but the pm section is brutal

One of my good friends past all three levels first try…he grinded to the bitter end. I am just following his lead. Personal Perference I guess.

I’ll be reading till midnight then it’s bed and up at 7/7:30 for pass-day

I support study over rest. Especially when the adrenaline is pumping during the actual exam, its not like I’ll be falling asleep during the exam. I’ll be up reviewing for a bit.

Good point Mp…I have loads of energy right now, I wont be able to sleep if I wanted to…So might as well study myself to sleep.

Good Luck and see you on the flip side.