Who's going to bomb the BSAS mock this weekend?

I’m spending this afternoon/evening studying my notecards and I’m getting that panic feeling I was missing. There is so much stuff to remember for this dang exam. I’m going to get my a$$ handed to me tomorrow, but good to get that with 3 weeks left to correct it.

At least you have the balls to show up… I think I’ll pass…

Sponge_Bob, you will do fine! You know how I know? Because your a sponge so you will absorb all that info like sponge on water :smiley: Best of luck tomorrow (though you won’t need it because your a sponge!)

Good luck. I’m going for baby steps and start off by bombing the free CFAI exam tomorrow.

Good luck to all you guys. I am going to try the free CFAI test sometime early next week.

Yeah, based on the schweser practice exam I tried to take I’m gonna get killed on BSAS tomorrow. Almost not worth the 6 hours it’s gonna take. I could probably get much more out of working problems & studying on my own

True, but it is good to get yourself used to the game day schedule. Nobody trains for a marathon by doing a dozen 2 mile runs… I think you’ll find BSAS more straightforward than the mind F^@#$ that Schweser can sometimes come up with. The BSAS exam is very representative of what the actual exam will look like format wise (closest of any provider, imo). I’d advise against showing up, taking the paper exam and then just leaving. As painful as it is, take the whole exam. One trick you can do is take paper with you (they don’t restrict it like the real proctors…if I recall) and do your work and answers on separate paper. Then you’ll have a clean copy of the exam to retake later if you wish.