Who's paying for your CFA material/exam?

Employer or you? If it’s out of your own pocket, did you try to get sponsored or did you just suck it up? If employer-sponsored, did they offer to pay or did you have to convince them of it?

I initially asked my manager and got turned down, so i then wrote up a full proposal to the company outlining all the benefits and organised a meeting with the senior manager above my direct manager…and got it approved with re-imbursement upfront! That said, the fees aren’t too significant…

i paid for L1 out of pocket. my company is sponsoring L2 though. I just mentioned that i wanted to discuss sponsorship one time, and a couple weeks later i was told that they would pay for it.

Pay for it myself.

Company foots the bill if I pass it otherwise its on me for now.

sell side shops reimburse you

I pay for it myself.

Pay for it myself. This is a personal decision above all and the fees are not huge. I’ve been hinted that in our yearly meeting they might offer to reimburse me if I pass but I’m not even sure I want them too! In a way it’s great of course, it means they value your work effort, but I don’t want to fill tied down to the company. I would accept though so they don’t think I want to leave (I do, just not just now). I’d rather have a small pay bump for passing that have them pay for the exam. Does this make sense?

by myself… switched to a very poor sell-side boutique since LI. bad move and a bad timing… just paid LIII out of my pocket, plus schweser notes.

Out my own pocket, unless I pass, in which case they wil pick up the tab for the exam. Flights, accomodation, mock exams, extra notes etc all out of my own pocket with no chance of reimbursement.

My company does have reimbursement plan but too conditional…like if i decide to leave the company, i’d need to pay all back… so i’d rather pay by myself…

Company paid half, other half is a scholarship from the local CFA institute. Apparently they have 10 and no body ever applies. One of the CFAs that works here just told me to fill out a form. Next thing I know there is a check in the mail.

That would be me, myself and I. I asked my company to pay for it. They said no.

i am lucking. my company will pay for my registration and one study guide up to three times for each exam. i also get a bonus for each one i pass

all me. thus why i only use the CFAI texts…

I paid for the tests and study materials myself, but my employer is picking up my dues.

I’m paying for Level 1 by myself… At my company I have to work for 4 years before I’m eligible for reimbursement

Santa Claus

all company paid upfront, curriculum, schweser premium, and whatever else comes along (mocks/sauce). Me likey.

I paid for all 3 levels out of my pocket.