Who's read Liar's Poker?

Essentially, if you get your CFA charter, you can never work for fixed income sales, gotta push those Olympia York bonds to unsuspecting clients! Fiasco was even worse, creating derivatives to commit legal fraud and rip off unsophisticated insurance clients…

Liar’s Poker was a good read

great book. favourite quote for all us active and fundamental investors: “the markets can remain wrong longer than you can remain solvent”. Bear sterns being the latest victom of this.

yea that was fun, monkey business was fun too

i did “big swinging d*ck”

read Fiasco, it discusses some more complicated derivative products that L3 covers, like a reverse inverse floater

I can’t wait to read a book for fun again : )

“Wall Street Meat” was a pretty good read for me.

reminiscences of stock operator, also a classic, and nice read as well

i read only binary code :frowning:

Finnegan’s Wake killing me. Bad choice for book right now. Not helping Level 3 preparation.

CSK, I was actually a computer-engineering majore back in undergrad…fun, fun that was. I can still count from 1-16 in binary.

sat next to Michael Lewis (Liar’s poker author) one night at Chez Panisse…when a very polite young kid came up and timidly asked for his autograph (I assume for Moneyball since no kid should be that big a fan of bond traders) Lewis signed it without looking up and waved the kid away like he was an annoying gnat… struck me as a total arse… guess you can take the guy out of SB, but you can’t take the SB out of the guy… Partnoy on the other hand (Fiasco) I did a summer associate gig with one year…he was the life of the party…