Who's working today?

Me, FML>

Me too playa. Given my heritage its kind of a slap in the face but the man still owns me at this point.


Me too.

Hard at work here too.

It’s Thanksgiving day in Canada.

You’re Columbian?

Why would anybody NOT be working today (except for our friends north of the border)?

And tomorrow’s October 15. I work as a tax accountant.

Today is a SIFMA holiday, so essentially everone in fixed income is not working.

+1…supyogov…lunch? no homo.

^ Bankers among us may be off as it’s one of the 10 bank holidays. Markets are still open. I never understood how that worked.

I would but im working from home today. Rain check it until tomorrow

Nope. I am in FI and working today. We work as long as equity markets are open, even if FI ones aren’t. Makes perfect sense of course for a pure FI place like mine.

dog…dont even fake…you know youre watching tv checking email every 2 hours and fapping every 3.

You have the order reversed but spot on.

WFH is the best. I do laundry during lunch and listen to music

I once had a boss who “worked from home”. but he’d go to away status every 20 minutes or so, then reappear online.

I think he basically walked back to his computer, shook the mouse to appear like he’s working every once

I might have done this once. In my defense there was no real work coming in, because our team’s work has boom and bust cycles depending on the week of the month.

I used to do just that when I could work from home…