Why am I doing this?

I have passed levels 1 & 2 but: 1. My work experience probably wont count for the charter. 2. My employer and colleagues have no idea what CFA is. 3. A large chunk of the course is irrelevant to those of us who don’t reside in the US of A. ERISA anyone? 4. My brain hurts.

Because the code of ethics require you to improve your professional competence, and encourage other to do so too. You need to tell rest of your coworkers to sign up for CFA exam to fulfill your duty. Seriously.

I’m in the same boat. Add to that, I’ve already got a good career and my wife thinks I’m nuts. Tell yourself you’ll be better for it in the long run, besides, you’re 2/3rds through, and some say L3 is the easiest to pass. Why quit now?

yeah …u’ve come this far might as well get it over with …and I agree with 1, 2 and 4 … as for 3 only a small portion is very US pecific ( ERISA - which you dont really need to inow in detail ) the rest of it can be applied anywhere .

As for 3), your country is outside of the USA Now. We are an imperial juggernaut.

i would no longer agree that level 3 is the easiest to pass… only 50% passed last yr, i think they are switching things up a bit.

I’d say L3 material is easiest but L3 is definitely not easiest to pass.

Why am I doing this ran thru my head a lot this morning as I pulled myself out of be at 4:10AM

Because you’re a masochist… just like the rest of us:-)