Why are Australia and Canada kidnapping capitals of the world?

I couldn’t what I just read, I always thought these places are the safest in the world.


Yeah, rape in most places means that you pin someone down and forcibly have sex with them. It’s pretty cut and dry.

In Sweden Rape means that the condom broke or you had sex with your girlfriend while she was sleeping. It’s pretty wide birth for the word rape to be used. Secondly, most places women don’t feel very comfortable reporting rape. They would rather the attacker go free than feel the embarrasment of the whole world knowing that they have been raped.

This all affects statistics. Any kind of crossborder stats, especially between vastly different cultures (Sweden vs Bangladesh for example) like this are absolutely useless.

I deal with with this all the time when people try to compare real estate prices in India vs London. There is almost no clear comparison in the types of property you are getting.