Why are my posts getting deleted????

Why are my posts about doostang getting deleted? I have had 3 of them get deleted in the past week??? Does anyone else have this issue… is there policy re. posts about doostang that I know of on AF??!

It was either that, or rename AF the DoostangForum. The latter sounded too silly.


DarienHacker, you owe me a new keyboard, to replace the old coffee-splattered one. :wink:

AF deleted one of my post that had nothing to do with doostang. It was just a funny story I got from my ex-ex-boss. It was not about finance so I guess that is why they deleted it. But then, I do not understand why they would leave post like “World’s best” on.

It pays to have friends in high places.

by the way I meant, is there someting I “do not know of” not “know of”

N.Van, there are approximately 390485902384702938 people on this forum attempting to invite 20 people to Doostang. Your attempt to start a thread dedicated to your not-so-unique effort to recruit people was obviously viewed as off-topic and, therefore, deleted. It was the equivalent of messageboard spam.

Chad’s ways are unknown to most, he is a deity shrouded in mystery… That is unless you pony up for fetch xl, in which case all is revealed But for those who choose to ignore the usefulness of fetch xl, and continue to use inferior products such as factset and capital iq, you’ve been warned…Chad’s wrath is fierce and swift for the non-believers

Niiiice. I laughed out loud at my desk, Randall. I’ve always thought of Chad as a little boy looking over his little ant farm and squashing ants at random. (No offense, Chad.)

Yah but my posts today were not about inviting people to doostang but rather if anyone is having problems/issues signing into it as I am…it tells me (doostang website) my email is not valid and my user name does not work.

Did you annoy the folks at Doostang too? Eh, I’m just messing with you, N.Van. I had that problem once before with Doostang, but it went away quickly. Maybe give it a day?

What’s Doostang?

Ok, N.VanCandidate, I’ll tell you the real reason why your posts are getting deleted: We just don’t like you. That’s all. Disclaimer: I’m not associated with the admin of the forum in any way.

two full days and still can not log in to doostang and it does not even recognize my email for reset password!!!

What did people do before Doostang to get a job?

Turkish, check your email