Why are you doing your CFA?

Hi! i am a level 1 candidate.

i have an MBA from a university in pakistan and have recently moved to canada. i have one year experiece working as a financial accountant in a well known multi national company. i am confused if CFA is the right choice for me as canada is already loaded with CFAs . also, is CFA the right option right now as im just starting my career.

also, why are you doing your cfa? what kind of job r u pursuing for??

please no negative demotivating comments. only reply if u can advise me . thankyou.

Im a CFA because once your a CFA you are better at investments.

^ Only if you go 3/3 in 18 months with a perfect ethics score.

^ and >70% in all topics

  1. to provide superior investment returns

  2. models and bottles

Guaranteed minimum salary when I complete it.

I would never do it if it were not for more $$$.

I actually thought i was doing the CFP the whole time.

hahhaa best post

so i can go from ops at a global macro fund to portfolio manager at my fund.


To claim you’re a certified finanial analyst.

On one hand, you’re right – Canada is already overloaded with CFAs. On the other hand, Canada is even more overloaded with MBAs from third-tier schools. CFA > MBA from some random university in Pakistan

^ How do you know so much about Canada? Are you a former Canuck?

I actually think the more CFAs there are, the more you benefit from having the charter since these are the people who are doing the hiring. I work at a firm that is full of charterholders, but having the charter gets you a level of respect and credibility that even having a top 5 MBA would not get you, simply because most all the leaders in the firm are charterholders. The prior firm that I worked at, I was only 1 of 2 charterholders, and having the charter bought me no special privileges, simply because the leaders had no first hand idea about the value or rigor of program. That is just my 2 cents.


It’s in the eye of the beholder.

I did it because all the cool kids on AF were doing it.

I (mostly) enjoyed the material and (mostly) enjoyed the challenge.

There are a lot of CFAs here but it’s pretty much a requirement in fields like Equity Research and Asset Management. If you want to stay in accounting, or move to a quasi-finance role such as a senior financial analyst then CFA is not required.

I mostly agree with this.

agree as well. misery loves company!