why aren't Schweser ?'s all vignettes??

Isn’t the whole LII test vignette style where they give 5 or 6 questions based on a half page “story” If so, why doesnt Schweser replicate?? Im guessing its so they can address every LOS in their questions???

Yeah - I like it better - vignettes take too much time. Stalla is the same way - most likely to retain the info through hammering in a bunch of questions. Probably best to focus only doing vignettes once the concepts are learned in the last few weeks of may in the practice exams though.

I agrree with Philipplatt. It doesn’t matter much to me which style they use as long as it helps in remembering all the stuff we need to learn for the exam. Practicing the vignette style quesitons will surely be one component, later on, but for starters I prefer “normal” questions and quizzes simply to get past the hurdle to remember the material at all.