Why bother? 50% curriculum remaining :(

I am feeling very lost. I think what I know i have good chance of getting right, but the thing is that I don’t know 50% of it.

3 days left, just keep plugging away. Even if you fail, which I might too, you’ll get a great feel for the exam and be better next year. What’s the worse that can happen? It’s not like it’s a gpa, failing won’t make you worse off in the long run

I am in the same boat … but like you said what’s the worst thing that can happen…

same, forgot most of them already.

Don’t lose hope, just study some part that is highly probable for the exam. Study simple things like how to calculate economic pension expense… For me with a short time limit for preparation I would do as many mocks as I can (from CFAI of course).

sounds like u screwed : ( your alternatives are this; 1. show up and help us all out with the bell curve (or somehow, with dumb luck, actually pass the thing). 2. Dave Chappelle style freakout

Maybe you can try to MASTER every bit of the mock exam. I think that may help.

Show up anyway, you’ll stand a better chance of passing by showing up than not showing up. You paid up you might as well give it a go. Besides, even if it’s a total disaster for you in terms of marks you may still learn something vital for you should you have to repeat it.

You should definitely sit for the exam having come this far. Once the results are out, there is always someone who posts on the results thread that they never studied, never even opened the books, finished both papers within an hour yet still managed to pass. You could be that poster this year, only of you actually sit the exam though! :slight_smile: Good luck.

i’m hoping to just capture all the easy questions and guess my way thru the difficult ones. going thru the mocks and the sample exams, there is no way someone can do some of the questions there in less than 3mins.