Why CFAI Ban on Discussing Exam

I don’t understand the logic of not letting us discuss the exam after it is over. I guarantee the test next year will look nothing like this years test and everything in the exam was in the material so no surprise there. We have agonized over this test for the last six months, why can’t they let us talk about the questions and learn from our mistakes. I just don’t understand the down side to that? If anyone, including bog brother hello CFAI, out there has a reasonable argument for this I would love to hear it. And something more than its part of the Code of Ethics would be good since were supposed to be able to interpret them not just recite them.

It is weird, because last 2 years practically the whole test was discussed on the forum, and then the analystforums mods would shut it down after 2 days. This year apparently no talk at all about questions. Someone discussed a DDM question a couple of hours ago and it got deleted in a millisec.

One reason could be that CFAI can make some $$ by selling parts of past exams as sample exams. If people could collaborate and freely recreate the content, nobody would pay. They can also reuse parts of the exam in some later years. But I guess they just want to play it safe and forbid everything instead of saying e.g. “starting on Monday go ahead and discuss everything”.

That’s why there should be some chat board where we should all just go to talk about this stuff. That way, there is no record of it after the test is over like there is with message boards so that future test takers can’t see what tricks were employed. I like discussing the answers after the test because then I feel like I can figure out how I really did, vs how I thought I did. After I took L1 I felt horrible. I got on analystforum and was reading what other people thought and what the answers were and realized that I was right on a lot more that I thought I could have gotten wrong. I ended up feeling a lot better and two effing months later I found out I passed. If someone that will take L2 next year is on here lurking and finds out that they *might* test a section in FRA because it was on this year’s test then more power to them. I am convinced that the real reason they don’t want any discussion is because they don’t want test prep providers to be able to help people learn what the common tricks are. John Harris had recreated several old test questions for us in his review course because CFAI used to release test questions along with results.

It is stupid. In fact, if they are all for learning and properly know how to create a test they would release the test for us to review. I’d want to see my mistakes.

My guess, $. They collected $130+ million off us chumps for this round of exams :slight_smile:

It is strange with all their money and 20+ years experience, they are still not quite up on this. Transparency is a keyword I would like to throw at them.

I think it’s because of claims. A way to reduce the number of claims. Imagine how many QQBs are out there.