Why charterholer number stuck at around 100,000?

Just watched one of kaplan online video. It mentioned that the number of charter has stayed around 100,000 for many many years. I wonder 1) shouldn’t it increase steadily? If not rapidly? Even with the low passing rate, each year we have more and more people passing the exam. 2) Do people just cheap out and not wanting to register for memebership? Or is it just hard to get the right experiences for the certification?

Maybe experience. Only logical conclusion given the number of people L3 each year.

Agree that it should be increasing, but there are some offsets, too: People retire, change careers, die, allow the membership to lapse, revocations.

CFA site states the number is over 110,000 globally which includes candidates…by “over” I guess its like a CFA question…closest to…lol

Heres a verbatim cut out from the site: Source: CFA Institute: http://www.cfainstitute.org/about/research/pages/index.aspx

Note: It states the # of members is from Sep 2011 so it must be higher.

CFA Institute has over 110,000 members in more than 130 countries and territories. 91% of members are CFA charterholders.

It just doesn’t add up. I understand about the retirement, death, change career…but the influx of candidates should easily outnumber all those factors combined.

this is wrong. It has NOT been stuck at 100k

it’s almost 110k, last year it was about 103k, the year before that it was around 95k

when I started the program, it was like 85k charterholders. I have watched the number grow every year, it has NEVER been stuck.

I even started a thread when it hit 100k, search for it on here. That was about just over a year ago.

So it’s probably the experience requirement that’s holding people back. Perhaps the charter isn’t being diluted as everyone thinks, or that there are limits to the rate of diliution.

CFA charterholders live too long, that’s why! It’s scientifically proven that spending 3 years of your life without a life adds 3 years to the back end of your life. Cheers!

I think it is related to experience requirements

You don’t need to be a CFA charterholder to be a member of CFAI. Also, “member” as defined by CFAI includes affiliate members with less than 4 years of work experience. I think what you’re trying to find out is how many CFA charterholders there ar, not how many members. Anyone can become a member with zero work experience and with no intention of even starting the CFA program.