Why did you choose finance as your career?

“Turn your passion into your profession”-Anonymous

I would like to ask all finance people out here that why did they choose finance as their career?Is it because

1)Finance was your passion

2)You got attracted to handsome salaries that finance professionals generally get.

3)There was pressure from 3 F’s (Friends,Family&Fools)

Kindly give your opinion not limited to above three choices.

cash money baby

You want passion? Here’s real passion for you:


My family immigrated to the US, went to college and grad school, and busted their behinds working to remain in the country. They eventually made it but the rewards (monetary and non-monetary) did not seem commensurate with the efforts and sacrifices they made.

I saw myself on the same path as them (after enrolling in grad school after college) and it scared me once I realized it. The extent of their financial education was that hard work translated into a paycheck… which is true and a good mindset to have but it didn’t seem adequate. Talking with many friends from wealthier families, they had a ton of investments - stocks, bonds, rental property, etc. Our family only had CDs and a few mutual funds.

I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life working “hard” and not being adequately rewarded for it, like the previous generation. I’ve decided to (and am still fighting to) learn everything I can about Finance to pursue this goal or “die trying” (figuratively speaking.)

Really interesting @blackomen…thanks for sharing your true life experiences with us.

Finance is my passion. That is Where I want to be